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The office building, pictured to the right of this screen is located  immediately West of the church, at North 10th and A Street.

1004 North A Street

Richmond, Indiana  47374.

The Church is on the corner of 11th & North A Streets.  The Office Building is on the corner of 10th & North A Streets).

This house was formerly owned by Dr. M.F. Johnson. We purchased it in 1952 and use it for our offices.

This "Victorian" serves as our Office Building for the Pastor, and Office Secretary. The building was purchased in 1952 and was the former home of Dr. M. F. Johnson. Additional office space is provided for Chapters of AA and Al-Anon

that meets here weekly.

Reid Office Staff Contacts


Fax: 765-966-7619

E-mail:  office@reidpres.com


Rev. Joseph T. Fields, Jr., M.Div.

Office Administrator/


Linda Morris


Reid Church Staff


Rev. Joseph T. Fields, Jr., M.Div.


Joan Martin

Office Administrator/


Linda Morris

Nursery Care Provider

Debra Hunt


 Albert Black

Clerk of Session

Lois McMahan

Church Finances

Vicki Wilson

Theresa Million

Michelle Hickel

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