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Daniel Gray Reid

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Daniel Gray Reid was the Pirmary donor for this church. He diedicated it in the memory of his parents who had been great supporters of this church.

1004 North A Street

Richmond, Indiana  47374

(11th & North A Streets)

Church Office:




Three double houses were torn down at this site, to prepare the corner for the new United Presbyterian Church.

 Reid paid the owners of the three properties $15,000 -- 1902-1904

Construction Period:

Apx. 1904 - 1906

Dedicated 05/13/1906

Remodeled 1948.

Architectural Firm:

Bagley & Nicklas, Cleveland, OH.


Sidney J. Osgood

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Tiffany Studios, Madison Ave. NY

Total  -- 62

designed by - Frederick Wilson

(figure windows).


Hook & Hastings Co. of Boston, MS.


Meneely Bell Co. of Troy, NY.


Bedford Stone (Indiana).


Scottish Gothic.

Cost of Construction:

$240,000 (Reid)

$10,000 (Leeds).


Author-Joanna Hill Mikesell

excerpts of presentation 05/08/1989  

Heritage Club

Meeting at the Reid Memorial

 United Presbyterian Church.


Donor of The Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Bust of Daniel Reid

Born 1858 ~ Richmond, Indiana.

Died 1925 ~ New York City.



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