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Present location of our church since 1906- Construction began in 1904

1004 North A Street

Richmond, Indiana  47374

(11th & North A Streets)


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*History Of Wayne County, Indiana, by Andrew W. Young

 (published in Cincinnati, 1872)

states the following on page 401;

"United Presbyterian Church...This church, at the time of its organization, was called the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The records of this church prior to October, 1842, having been lost, the few facts of its early history here are furnished chiefly from recollection, by one who was a member at the time of its organization. At the time of his settlement here, there were but few Presbyterians in this vicinity. The first sermon from a Presbyterian minister is supposed to have been preached by Alexander Porter, in 1824. Only occasional preaching, however, was had for many years. The first pastor, or settled minister, was Wm. M. Boyce, in 1835 or 1836. A frame meeting house was built on Pearl street, south of Main. (Now South 5th Street) Among those who became members at and near the time of the organization were: Robert Grimes, (Pastor William M. Boyce married one Nancy Grimes in 1834) Daniel Reid, (father of Daniel G. Reid) A. Grimes, Jeremiah L. Meek, and John Reid, with their wives, widow Grimes, Mary Kibby, James MacFadden, Mary Davidson, Isaac Conley. Robert Grimes and Daniel Reid were chosen elders. The name of Joseph McCord appears on record as an elder at a meeting of the session of 1843. The pastorate of Mr. Boyce terminated in 1851; after which the church had for many years no settled pastor or stated preaching. In 1858, it assumed the name of the United Presbyterian Church, and Adrian Aten became its pastor. In August, 1862, Robert Grimes, one of its elders, died. In October, 1863, Wm. S. Reid and John J. Conley were chosen elders. In 1864, it is believed, the labors of Mr. Aten as pastor ceased; and on the 7th of May, 1866, Nixon E. Wade was ordained and installed. About the same time the society decided to build a new house of worship; and in November following; (1866,) Wm. S. Reid was chosen "to take the entire superintendence of the new church building." David H. Dougan was elected treasurer; and Daniel Reid, John J. Conley, and David H. Dougan, trustees for the ensuing year. On Sabbath, September 15, 1867, the congregation entered their new house of worship for the first time. The opening sermon was preached by Wm. Davidson, D. D., of Hamilton, Ohio. July 17, 1869, A.M. Weed was chosen an elder. In February, 1870, Rev. Joseph W. Clokey, the present pastor, commenced his labors, and was installed the 28th of April following." (end of quotes)

In the publication: History Of Wayne County, Vol. II, published 1884 in Chicago by Inter-State Publishing Co., the following paragraph was added to the (above) ending quotes: "The church was not fully finished until 1869, when it was dedicated by the Rev. William H. McMillan, of Xenia, Ohio. The Trustees at the time were Daniel Reid, John J. Conley and David H. Dougan. The Elders at this date, 1884, are: William S. Reid, Andrew F. Scott, James W. Smith and T. W. O. Braffett; Deacons, Frank H. Glass, Lucius W. Roberts, Alfred Lefevere and Don MacPherson. The church liabilities at its completion were assumed by W. S. Reid and A. F. Scott, and the church is free from debt. It is a handsome edifice, built in the Gothic style, and in size 39 x 70 feet, with a seating capacity 

of about 400."

Additional notes:

Our church remained in this location (11th & B Street) until our present church was built in 1904-05.

More Early Richmond History... 

involving individuals, supportive of and active in our church:

In this publication, Memoirs Of Wayne County And The City Of Richmond Indiana, by Hon. Henry Clay Fox, Editor-In-Chief

*Volume 1 (published Madison, Wisconsin, 1912), 

the following was noted from page 493;

"As early as 1832, a Temperance Society was in existence; in October, 1833, a public meeting was held, of which Daniel Reid (father of Daniel G. Reid) was president and William Cox secretary. It was resolved to petition the County Commissioners to grant no license to sell liquor in Richmond. The organization was kept up and frequent meetings were held during the years following. In 1842 the "Washingtons" were formed in Richmond and were followed soon afterward by the establishment of the "Sons of Temperance" and kindred organizations . The enthusiasm was great in that and succeeding years. Mayor Sailor, Dr. W. B. Smith, Lynde Elliot, Rev. W. Boyce, (our first Pastor) Samuel E. Perkins, James M. Poe, D. P. Holloway, W. A. Bickle, S.R. Lippingcott and John Elderkin were prominent in these movements nearly seventy-five years ago. The temperance element carried the elections for councilmen by large majorities. At the April election, 1847, the question of license or no license was submitted to the voters in the various townships, as provided by the law, and "no license" prevailed by handsome majorities in all the townships, except two. The vote in Wayne township stood: License, 90, no license, 416."

*These Local History Books are a available to view only at 

The Morrison Reeves Library

Richmond, Indiana

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